Introverted: I prefer my own company or that of one or two close friends to large groups of people. This is a matter of energy, not of shyness. Around large crowds, I get drained much faster. With just one or two, conversing about something of interest, I can keep it up for hours. Introspection, reading, sitting at a computer on a game I enjoy, or similar activities? I can forget to eat doing that stuff.

Hypersensitive: I tend to be much more affected by sensory stimuli. Bright lights, excessive sources of conflicting sounds such as several people talking about different things, strong smells such as perfume or Lysol, and other things of a similar nature can all be stressful and highly distracting. Sunglasses at night? Sure, when it seems needed.

Focused: I do best working on one task or activity at a time. Multitasking wears me out really fast. Particularly if I’m called upon to work on multiple tasks in a chaotic, noisy environment. Want some fast, quality work from me? Put me in a quiet corner with a task and leave me alone to do it.

Thinker: I am frequently introspective, thinking about what makes me work the way I do. Other times, I’ll be analyzing the things going on around me. This is not something I actively decide to do. This is the normal mode for me. If problems come up, there is a decent chance I am picking it apart in my head for a solution even before I recognize that I’m hearing about it.

Allergic to small talk: I am usually not fond of talk about nothing. If the conversation has no point, or is about something I am uninterested in, my attention will wander quickly to something else. This is usually not because I dislike the person trying to talk, but because I want the conversation to have interesting and meaningful content.

These things are not unique to me. These are shared by many others who may or may not tell you this much about themselves. Based on my own experience, I suspect many introverts don’t want to bother people about something that the introvert feels would not be of interest or consequence to the other person, and are often pretty reluctant to share anything private besides.

No Small Talk
No Multitasking
About Introverts
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